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All document templates supplied in MS Word or MS Excel format
Client Architect agreement (Abridged)
Client Architect agreement (Comprehensive)
Contract of employment (Recruitment)
Architect’s Power of attorney
Partnership agreement
Building contract (Comprehensive)
Offer to purchase
Offer to lease / rent
Survey details of Property list
Agenda for Site Handover meeting
Project Consultants directory template
Generic contract of employment
Internet Usage Policy
Architectural technologist evaluation sheet
Drawing Issue Register
Client Brief checklist
Architects letter of appointment
Site Information Checklist
Design Responsibility Form of Indemnity
Memorandum of understanding
Invitation to tender letter
Tender notice and invitation to tender
Tender programme
Form for prequalification to tender
Letter confirm receipt of tender
Letter of Acceptance of Tender – Principal Contract
Letter of Acceptance of Tender – Small Works
Architect Instruction – Accept Selected Sub-Contractor
Letter to contractor - claim for extension of time
Letter to contractor - construction guarantee notice
Letter to contractor - appoint nom sub contractor
Letter to contractor - appoint selected sub contractor
Letter to contractor - proof of security guarantee
Letter to contractor - site representative
Letter to contractor - appointment of agents
Letter to contractor - documents required
Letter to contractor - First Notice
Letter of appointment - acceptance of tender
Independent Contractor Memorandum
Waiver of Lien
Clerk of Works
Letter of appointment for project viability
Letter to employer - appointment of agents
Civil / Structural Engineer first letter
Agenda for Site Progress Meeting
Minutes of Site Progress Meeting
Template - Clerk of Works Report
Cover Letter - Client - Payment Certificate
Cover Letter - Contractor - Payment Certificate
Cover Letter - Sub Contractor - Payment Certificate
Money withheld from contractor
Contract Instruction
Letter to Employer - Final Payment Certificate
Letter confirm nominated sub contractor payment
Letter confirm selected sub contractor payment
Contract works insurance
Lateral Support & Insurance
Letter to Consultants – Appointment as Agents
Checklist - Contract Agreement documentation
Letter construction guarantee signatory

Please note:
All the listed unavailable documents will be uploaded gradually, but should you require one of these documents urgently, please contact us and we will move the document to the top of the list to upload.

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